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Platform for Governing

Empowering our Workforce

Having graduated from the Northwest Laborers-Employers Training Trust Apprenticeship Program and earned certification as a Journeyman Construction Craft Laborer, my mission is straightforward: create job opportunities and provide top-notch training for our county. 

I am committed to giving local companies a competitive edge by making them preferred partners on major projects. I aim to revitalize our workforce by implementing local training, apprenticeship, and hiring requirements, ensuring jobs stay right here at home.


No more watching our graduates leave; I will work to establish career pathways and family-wage jobs in Lewis County. Most politicians talk about these opportunities, I have spent my career making it happen.

Building Bridges for Prosperity

My experience in construction and working as a tribal liaison, combined with strong union ties, has taught me how to unite labor, employers, and indigenous communities for the benefit of all.


I believe in taking action to achieve results.

I am dedicated to modernizing laws to empower our local businesses, farms, and community groups. 

Community, Advocacy, and Action

I am actively involved in our community, serving on boards and committees that amplify voices often overlooked. Together, we will advocate for policies that uplift our neighbors, especially those in need.


No more waiting for change; I’m addressing mental and physical health issues head-on. 

Join me in protecting our most vulnerable children and families with bold local policies. I’m prepared to make Lewis County the safest, healthiest, and most family-friendly place around while also standing up for our God-given freedoms.  

Heritage and Conservation

Our culture is the heart of Lewis County, and I want to celebrate it while promoting sustainable growth. 

As someone who cherishes the outdoors and the joys of hunting and fishing, I’m passionately dedicated to preserving our county’s natural beauty. This appreciation fuels my commitment to responsible environmental conservation.


Together, we can ensure that our breathtaking landscapes and outdoor opportunities remain intact for generations to come.

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